• Image of Organic Full Spectrum CBD Flower Tea
  • Image of Organic Full Spectrum CBD Flower Tea

GMO Free
Plant Based
100% Organic Hemp
Fair Trade
Eco Friendly / Please Recycle

All the same amazing benefits of CBD now in a Tea!
Keeping it simple with full spectrum CBD loose tea.
Boosting your daily cannabinoid dose to support you and your Endocannabinoid system.

They use…
Finely cut, full spectrum CBD rich flowers and leaves packed with terpenes, flavour, and cannabinoids. Recognised and loved as one of the natures most powerful medicinal plants it’s sweet distinctive aromas and taste are not the only reason we love this plant so much.

By using both the cut flowers and leaf, this powerful blend is not only packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but the leaf also contains the important health-boosting properties of chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is packed full of important vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties, making all plants beautifully green and healthy!

We love the benefits of chlorophyll but just enough for a health boost without the bitter aftertaste.
Having put a lot of thought into this we feel we found the perfect solution!
Our terpene and flavour packed CBD flowers give you all those supercharged and sweet tasting herby health benefits, making this the perfect combination.

The perfect daily cuppa, full of goodness!
Relax, put your feet up and release all those beautiful flavours and aromas.
A great addition to your CBD routine or just a little boost in the right direction.